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Photo Safari

of a Lifetime...

Made Easy !

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... your own personal wildlife special.

Up close & in person!
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Witness the Mega Migration year round

~ 2 million large mammals

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1 person per row in each car

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Witness cats just being cats

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See amazing bird life... unheralded treasure

of the Serengeti ecosystem

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View unique behaviors...

in their environment!

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Observe mother's care in nature

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Watch daily examples

of the struggle for the

"survival of the fittest"

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Delicious freshly prepared food

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Luxury lodging

Live your own wildlife special in person on a William Cowger Photo Tour – Safari ! 

I have an emotional (maybe spiritual) connection to Africa.  After more than 30 photo safaris to what I call the “greatest natural show on earth” ( the Serengeti in Tanzania), I still get goosebumps as I arrive and a sense of loss as I leave. I will never tire of the thrill of introducing the amazing wildlife, beautiful scenery and warm welcoming people of Africa to others. I’m blessed to have experienced the intimacy and quantity of wildlife beyond my imagination so many times.  After so many tours, we not only know where to be but WHEN TO BE THERE to maximize the experience for photographers and observers alike.   The distances are so vast that arriving at the wrong time of day, can make the photography a bust and waste hours on the road. We are privileged to witness the daily drama of “survival of the fittest” in an ecosystem that supports millions of mammals and countless birds, much as it did 20,000 years ago. We welcome all levels of photographic experience (or just plain observation), and orient the optional photo workshops to invite questions and encourage trying different techniques and experimentation with the light we are dealt each day. Our naturalist guides have been trained for years to automatically position us for the best light for photography and observation.

We get a concentrated education on wildlife management and animal behaviors from our accompanying naturalist guides whose incredible eyes and wealth of knowledge significantly enrich the photo tour experience.  We travel in 4WD vehicles with 4 rows of seats, a roof that pops up for shade, and a full 360 degree view.  This assures a row for each person and plenty of space for photography gear. We choose our exclusive safari lodges and camps primarily on proximity to the action (wildlife) as well as comfort, top notch service and great food.  It is for this reason that I have custom branded our Cowger Custom Photo Camps, that are placed in the perfect locations while and yet provide an ultimate lodging and dining experience. Africa and its unpredictable wildlife make each day a new adventure that never ceases to amaze.

The Serengeti Mega-migration is not seasonal, but rather, it happens 12 months of the year.  Exact locations will vary depending on weather patterns, but all photo tours are oriented to getting right in the middle of the amazing migration, and the temperature is basically the same year round (highs 78-82 F).  On all trips it is normal to see 50-100 lions, several cheetahs, leopards, hundreds of elephants, giraffe and hippos, the occasional rhino, tens of thousands of antelope, wildebeest and zebras, and many of the 500 species of birds which include 9 regularly observed species of raptors.  During both our February and May photo tours, we spend 3 days in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where we can go ‘off road’ to view the large concentrations of wildlife up close and personal. To compare times of year, have a look at a review of the differences for each tour.

The photo safari and tour will also help the poor, yet safe and peaceful, nation of Tanzania (see map).  Responsible tourism is crucial to their economic development and to support the 34% of the total area of the country that has been reserved for wildlife.  Unlike many African nations, Tanzania does not have problems with tribal warfare, revolts, nor attacks against tourists.  Our African partners are a Tanzanian family-run business that has been guiding safaris and tours for 60 years.

If the selected dates do not work for you, our experience with the Serengeti is so extensive that we would love to set up a custom safari for you that will meet ALL your expectations.  Our relationship with our Tanzanian partners assures us that your photo tour will be a lifetime highlight. Special rates are available for groups of 6 or more.

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William Cowger Photo Safaris

60 Second Overview

Gentle Giant

Large bull elephant walking down the road toward us.

Cowger Safari Features

  • -Experience of 20+ safaris
  • -Each person gets own row in car
  • -Expert naturalist guide/driver
  • -Luxury lodging near the action
  • -Delicious food
  • -Safe and stable country
  • -Photography taught at your level
  • -Flexible schedule by car
  • -We make it your safari
  • -We know when to go where
  • -Well-maintained cars
  • -Max 12 people per photo tour
  • -Shade from equatorial sun

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